Fosters in America

Biography of John Foster

The ship HOPEWELL of London, with Thomas Babb, Master. sailed about the middle of September 1635 and arrived at Boston in the latter part of November 1635. Aboard this ship was John Foster. John was the first of our line of Fosters to come over from England and settle in Salem Massachusetts. Below is a brief bio.

Corporal John Foster, the im- FOSTER migrant ancestor, was born in England, in 1618, according to his affidavit, dated 1670, stating his age as fifty-two years. He came to this country with Roger Conant's company, and settled in Salem, Massachusetts Bay. He married, about 1649, at Salem, Martha Tompkins, daughter of Ralph and Katharine (Aborn) Tompkins. She was born in England about 1627, according to her own deposition in 1670, stating her age as forty-three. Her mother, Katharine Aborn, was daughter of Thomas Aborn, tanner, of Salem. John Foster was a farmer, though he built a bridge for the town and may also have been a carpenter and a stone mason. He deeded land to his son, John Foster Jr., in 1674. He was in King Phillip's War under Capt. William Turner in 1676 at North Hampton, Ma. He was admitted a freeman , March 14, 1688, at Ipswich, Ma., and filed at Boston. John and Martha had the following children : Mary, baptized March 29, 1649-50; Samuel, baptized March 7, 1651-52; John, baptized June 3, 1655; Benjamin, born July 3, 1658; Jonathan, born December 20, 1660, died March 28, 1662; Jonathan, born November 22, 1662, died November 6, 1667; Joseph, mentioned below; David, born October 16, 1665; Elizabeth, born November 22, 1667; Jonathan, baptized June 12, 1670; Hannah, baptized July 21, 1672; Martha, baptized September, 1674; and Ebenezer, born August 5, 1677.

In 1687, John died in December or early in 1688. His death was an accidental shooting by Joseh Small.

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Ann Foster and Salem Witch Trials

An interesting fact about the Foster family is that one of our decendents Ann Foster was tried and convicted of witchery during this contriversial time in the history of Massachusettes. Click on the link below to read more about Ann Foster.

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