The Fosters and Bamburgh Castle

The Foster's Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle, on the eastern coast of Northumberland, is about fifteen miles north of Alnwich and has been famous for many centuries as being the home of the Fosters.
It is a place of great historic interest

In 1191 Sir John Forster rode with King Richard I the Lion Heart to Palestine. He saved the life of English King Richard at Acre. At the siege of Acre, A. D. 1191, a party of Sarcens moved forth and surrounded King Richard. King Richard would have been overpowered and made prisoner had not Sir John Forster, who seeing from a distance the danger in which the King was placed, pushed forward with couched lance followed by his retainers shouting,
"To the rescue! A Forester! A Forester!."
The King who for his bravery and timely assistance received from King Richard a grant to bear a Chevron Vert on his shield. He was knighted and made Governor of Bamborough Castle. There is a monument to his memory in Bamborough Abbey bearing his effigy in full armor.

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