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Mark Foster Sr.
Mark J. Foster Sr.

It has always been a long standing interest of mine to learn about the genealogy of the Foster family name and its origin. In 2010 I began to research the history of our family name. One of the first questions I needed to have answered was who was my fathers’ father? Since my dad never knew his father due to him dying while my dad was a young child I had to search for records of who he was. With the help of my Aunt Carol Hubbard I was given information from a 1930 census which had my grandparents and Aunt listed.

My grandfather’s name was Harold Leslie Foster. He and my grandmother Hazel Hubbard Foster were married in 1928 and had two children together, Doris in 1930 and Albert in 1934. I furthered my search through various websites which will be credited as well as Ancestry.com.

Through these sites I discovered a long standing history of our surname Foster. The name dates back over a thousand years to our distant ancestors in Northern France, Northumberland England and eventually America. I am dedicating my research and this website to my beloved father Albert Foster who passed away June 7th 2008.

Contributors to the Foster History

Gerry Forster is an incredible writer who spent countless hours researching the history of the Fosters. View his website.

Gary Foster is another family researcher who put together a wonderful collection of information on the long standing history of the Foster Family. View his website.

This is a web site that was put together by the Scottish Forrester's, there's a lot of interesting information as well as events for anyone who is interested. Viewers will notice their coat of arms has many similarities to the Foster coat of arms, in particular the three bugel horns. View the website here.

Frederick Clifton Pierce spent an entire year compiling information on the Foster Family. He published a book around 1896 which has a detailed history of all the Fosters till the end of the 19th century. You can view and read this book on line through Google books, there are 2 volumes, Foster Genealogy Vol 1 & 2. Here is the link, once your on their site just type in Foster Genealogy Vol 1 or 2 http://books.google.com

Interesting Foster Facts

Arms of Foster by Gary Smith
Heraldy provided by http://www.Heraldry.mysite.com
  • The Name "Foster", variously spelled Forrester, Forester, Forster, has two possible origins. One derives originally from "forester", an ancient office and occupation associated with royalty and families of high degree, and goes back to the first great tribal clan systems and kingdoms in Scotland and England. The other origin lies with a Norman noble who was granted lands in Scotland and Northumbria by William the Conqueror, and who "anglicised" his French family name into "Forester".
  • From all accounts, the first mention of Forester, Forster or Foster as a real surname in all of Britain was when Sir Richard Forester, then known by his latinised name of Forestarius, went over to England with his father, Badouin (or Baldwin) V, Forester of Flanders (called "The Debonaire"), accompanying his brother-in-law, William of Normandy to participate in the Battle of Hastings. Thus it appears that the key figure in this long history is this man named Richard "The Frislander-De-Flanders" "Forestarius" Forester, son of Baldwin V, Count and Forester of Flanders and Adele Capet, Princess of France. Richard’s sister, Matilda Maud, was the wife of William, Duke of Normandy who apparently had legitimate claim to the English throne.